A Poem for Father’s Day

This weekend is Father’s Day. It is a day where many young children proudly make cards and hand-pick random gifts for their Dads. Older children purchase the never-fail Bunnings voucher, and weekends are filled with family catch-ups and meals. However, while many celebrate on this day, others find it a day filled with sadness, regret, pain, and other complex emotions.

While we acknowledge that Father’s Day is a secular tradition, the Bible is clear that we are to honour and love our Fathers (Eph. 6:2). We will celebrate Dads in the service on Sunday by acknowledging some of the wonderful things our Dads have taught us. But we know that even the best earthly Fathers are only a shadow of our perfect Heavenly Father. Whether you are celebrating as a Dad or with your Dad, or whether you find this day difficult, it is our prayer that this poem will bless you and point you to our perfect Father.

God Bless,

The Longing and the Love
Written by Austin Stone Story Team

We long for the perfect protection of a father,
for strong arms that encircle us,
hold us tight to a broad chest,
a beating heart.
Arms that toss us into the air,
screaming with laughter and a little fear,
even though we know those arms will always catch us.

From the moment we gasp our first breath of air, we long for the perfect father.
We long for a father who sacrifices,
who lays down his time to play games, read our favourite book one more time,
or take a long walk and listen.
Who reaches into his pocket and pulls out a dollar for ice cream.
Who reaches deeper to provide a good home, good food, and good gifts.
We long for a father who always protects, always cheers, and always sacrifices.
Some of us are blessed to find bits and pieces of these longings
met in human form,

Like sun through stained glass—a brilliant picture,
illuminated by our Father who satisfies these longings.
We thank God for fathers who protect,
who encourage with strong words, and strong convictions,
fathers willing to sacrifice,
striving to love.

But some of us are grieving.
Grieving the loss of a good father,
or the lack of one.
Some never knew their father’s arms,
and some bear scars,
At some point, all of us are left longing.

No human father can perfectly satisfy.
Look up and know your Father in Heaven gave you these longings,
and only He can perfectly fulfill them.

 His strong arms protect,
His words bring life and light.
His perfect sacrifice draws us to His side,
where we can hear His heart beating with perfect love for us.

We celebrate our fathers on earth,
and our Father in heaven.
We give thanks for the longing,
and give thanks for
the love.