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What’s It All About?

What’s It All About? What is Christianity really all about? Is it a philosophy? A worldview? A moral system? A solution

What’s It All About?2018-11-29T14:22:53+10:00

Doing Good

Doing Good Have you ever been called a “do-gooder”? I have. It doesn’t feel very nice. Although, when you think about

Doing Good2018-11-23T14:01:37+10:00

Books I Enjoyed in 2018

Books I Enjoyed in 2018 Erasmus, a Dutch theologian from the 1500’s, reportedly said: “When I have a little money, I

Books I Enjoyed in 20182018-11-09T12:05:04+10:00

Gospel Amnesia

Gospel Amnesia I think the first time I heard the phrase ‘gospel amnesia’ was while listening to Paul Tripp. The phrase

Gospel Amnesia2018-11-05T10:26:24+10:00