About Adam Schoenmaker

Adam is the Lead Pastor of Oasis Church. After two years in the corporate world and eight years on the team at Oasis, Adam stepped into the role of Lead Pastor at the start of 2018. He has completed a Bachelor of Business from Queensland University of Technology and a Master of Divinity from Brisbane School of Theology. When not at church, Adam can usually be found spending time with his wife and two young children, reading a good book, or watching just about any sport imaginable (except car racing).

Spiritual Health Check

Spiritual Health Check Check-ups are a regular part of our lives. We have regular check-ups of our bodies, regular servicing of

Spiritual Health Check2023-12-29T10:10:51+10:00

My Year in Books

My Year in Books  I listened to a sermon recently that bemoaned the decline of reading amongst not simply the modern

My Year in Books2023-11-24T12:35:49+10:00

Five Healthy Marriage Habits

Five Healthy Marriage Habits  There are many challenges and even more blessings in pastoral ministry. Certainly, one of the great blessings

Five Healthy Marriage Habits2023-09-15T13:08:36+10:00

How the Holy Spirit Helps Us

How the Holy Spirit Helps Us I had a conversation with someone last Sunday about the differences between Islam and Christianity.

How the Holy Spirit Helps Us2023-05-26T12:19:48+10:00