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The Park – Second Stage Proposal

Earlier this year we launched The Park Specialty Coffee. Our vision for this venture was to connect with unchurched people in

The Park – Second Stage Proposal2018-10-26T12:53:21+10:00

What if I don’t feel God?

What if I don’t feel God? I’ll never forget the conversation. He sat across from me and quietly muttered: “I’m done,

What if I don’t feel God?2018-10-19T10:40:51+10:00

Why Church Membership?

Why Church Membership? Maybe you've heard us talk about church membership here at BPCC, and you wonder what it’s all about?

Why Church Membership?2018-10-12T11:51:08+10:00

Sharing God’s Goodness

Sharing God’s Goodness Bless the LORD, all his works, in all places of his dominion. (Psalm 103:22) People who have experienced

Sharing God’s Goodness2018-10-05T11:17:57+10:00