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Thanksgiving How do you celebrate when something good happens? Dinner with friends? A special drink? A while ago, Pastor Adam stated


Reformation Revisited

Our next Ridley Training short course is starting next Thursday (21st)! If you haven’t heard about our Ridley Training yet, these

Reformation Revisited2022-07-22T10:33:06+10:00

Does Prayer Work?

Does Prayer Work? A friend of mine recently asked me why I pray. In the few seconds I took considering how

Does Prayer Work?2022-07-08T10:05:52+10:00

Are You a Do-Gooder?

Are You a Do-Gooder? Have you ever been called a “do-gooder”? I have. It doesn’t feel very nice. Although, when you

Are You a Do-Gooder?2022-07-01T11:15:30+10:00