Our next Ridley Training short course is starting next Thursday (21st)!

If you haven’t heard about our Ridley Training yet, these are short courses designed to help busy people to better understand and apply the Bible, and over the next 6 weeks we’ll be on a journey through Europe as we look at the Reformation, one of the most significant events in the history of the Christian Church.

Five hundred years on from its small beginnings, the Reformation continues to play a central role in shaping the identity of Protestant Christianity today. In this subject, Rhys Bezzant gives a guided tour of Reformation Europe, bringing clarity and context to the key places, people and events that changed the church forever. Get ready for beautiful scenery, thought-provoking commentary and fresh insight into the ongoing lessons of the Reformation for today.

I’m particularly excited for this course, for a few reasons. One is because of the high production level which captures interesting locations and scenery through historic locations, which make these videos really easy to watch. More significant, though, is the content itself — telling the story of how Christian leaders in the 16th century rediscovered the truths of the gospel, and how they worked to preach and live in light of it. There are many aspects of the way we do church today that is built on the reforms made then (from architecture, to leadership, to where the pulpit is placed!), and many ways that we can be challenged and encouraged by the biblical principles which were highlighted then.

Anyone is welcome to join us for this course. We’ll meet in The Shed at Oasis from 7.00pm-8.30pm, with a light supper provided. There is no cost, but we would greatly appreciate if you could register your interest HERE.
You can email me at nathanael@oasischuch.com.au or get in touch with the church office with any questions.

In Christ,