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Passing the Baton

Passing the Baton What is the gospel? It’s a deeply important question. It’s a question that takes us to the very

Passing the Baton2023-03-31T11:55:44+10:00

Called to Forgive

Called to Forgive  I’ve recently been thinking about forgiveness a lot. I think most Christians probably think about this a lot,

Called to Forgive2023-03-10T13:46:41+10:00

God, The Father

God, the Father I love to read.  It’s one of my most favourite ways to relax. And so it’s no surprise

God, The Father2023-03-10T13:46:51+10:00

Feeling Anxious about Money?

Feeling Anxious about Money? I was sipping on a coffee with a friend recently. And while we were chatting, he mentioned

Feeling Anxious about Money?2023-03-10T13:29:44+10:00

Releasing Children from Poverty

Releasing Children from Poverty I recently read about a young man who once was a child living in desperate poverty but

Releasing Children from Poverty2023-03-03T13:46:54+10:00