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How Big is Your God?

How Big is Your God? How big is your God? Do you feel like you can you comprehend him fully? Does

How Big is Your God?2023-10-27T09:54:15+10:00

What is your Purpose?

What is your Purpose? Have you ever wondered what your purpose is? What your goal in life is? Why you are

What is your Purpose?2023-09-22T11:24:33+10:00

Why I Raise My Hands in Worship

Why I Raise My Hands in Worship    I remember clearly being in a  Bible College class titled, “Christian Worship.” Each

Why I Raise My Hands in Worship2023-06-23T10:35:58+10:00

Called to Forgive

Called to Forgive  I’ve recently been thinking about forgiveness a lot. I think most Christians probably think about this a lot,

Called to Forgive2023-03-10T13:46:41+10:00