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Committed to Growth

Growth doesn’t happen automatically. Ask anyone or anything. To grow tall and strong, trees need sunlight, water, carbon dioxide, and nutrients

Committed to Growth2018-07-26T17:32:32+10:00

The Community-Creating Power of Mission

At BPCC, our mission is ‘to make growing disciples of Jesus Christ through gospel-centred and Spirit empowered worship, community, service and

The Community-Creating Power of Mission2018-07-26T17:32:58+10:00

The Practice of Fasting

“The greatest enemy of hunger for God is not poison, but apple pie.” – John Piper This week, during the morning

The Practice of Fasting2018-07-26T17:33:29+10:00

Living under God’s Rule in 2018

We are currently in a sermon series during the morning services called ‘Kingdom of Heaven’. We spoke last week about the

Living under God’s Rule in 20182018-07-26T17:34:09+10:00