We had a great time at BECOME Youth Camp on the Sunshine Coast last weekend!
There was plenty of fun, powerful times of worship, and engaging sessions from our speaker, Rev. KJ Tromp, who led us through the story of Joseph as we thought about how God Breaks, Shapes, and Makes his people.
It was awesome to see several teenagers make the decision to give their life to Jesus at camp. Camp is a fun, engaging space where many friendships and memories are made, and it is also a powerful opportunity for us to think about what following Jesus really means for us.

The Tribe Wars were a big highlight for me! In the Tribe Wars, everyone was split up into tribes which were given a colour and created a tribe name, flag, and chant. Then they spent much of Saturday competing in a series of challenges designed to Break, Shape, and Make them as a Tribe. Each tribe pulled off something distinctive: I loved the phoenix on Red team’s flag, the catchy chant of Green team (the winners!), the generally comedic nature of ‘Drew the Blue Kangaroo’, the confusion caused by Purple team naming themselves ‘Red’, the extreme competitiveness of ‘Ranga-Tang’, and the strangely familiar theme song of ‘YELLOW’!

If you missed out on Youth Camp this time and will be in Year 7-12 next year, we would love to have you along then! We’ve already started thinking about how we can make Youth Camp 2021 even better! If you came along this time you can help us do that by filling out the survey which I’ve emailed out; if you didn’t get it just email me at youth@bpcc.com.au

A huge thanks to everyone who sponsored the cost of camp for those who couldn’t afford it! I was so encouraged by the outpouring of support from our church family in this, it really demonstrates the value our church places on Youth ministry, and the impact which camps can have.

Look forward to kicking off Term 4 at Youth!