Try Something New

We’ve recently made some changes to how we ‘do’ Kidz Church. While the changes to the program have only been small, the response has been quite amazing. Delivering the program in a fresh way has seen renewed energy and buzz among the children, and also the leaders. The children are receiving the teaching enthusiastically and responding to God’s message joyfully.

We know that children learn better when their senses are engaged. Children learn not only by listening, but by seeing, doing, touching, and exploring. And so we’ve made sure that on a Sunday morning the children have lots of opportunities to experience God in those ways.

And I suspect that adults aren’t really that different. Which has got me thinking—what if we were to make some changes to the how/where/when/what aspects of our personal time with God? What if we intentionally spent time with God in a different setting or explored Scripture through a different medium? I expect we might also experience a fresh energy and a renewed passion for our Saviour.

Here are some thoughts and suggestions as to how you might do that:

  • Pray aloud
  • Meet with someone regularly to pray together
  • Use Scripture passages to guide your prayers
  • Walk and pray
  • Listen to worship music and reflect on the doctrinal truths in the songs
  • Sit outside to read your Bible; go into your garden, or the beach, or the bush
  • Listen to podcasts of sermons while taking a walk or driving in the car
  • Find a good Christian book to read
  • Read the Bible aloud
  • Listen to an audio Bible
  • Explore art as a way of connecting with God
  • Attend a Christian conference or camp

Psalm 98 verse 1 says “Sing a new song to the Lord, for he has done wonderful deeds. His right hand has won a mighty victory; his holy arm has shown his saving power!” Can I encourage you to be creative and find new ways to spend time with God this week? It’s my prayer that you will be blessed by our great God.

Grace and peace,