Sing, and keep on singing 

There is a little bird that often visits my garden. His favourite place is the highest point on the tallest palm tree. And when he’s up there; as high as he can be, way up in the clear, blue sky, he likes to sing.  

I have lots of fun imagining what he might be singing. Perhaps it’s “Look at me! Look at me!”, a kind of bird version of “I’m the king of the castle.” While I may not know exactly what he’s singing, he seems to delight in being up there and his song is a happy one. It sounds like he’s rejoicing.  

The thing is, the weather’s not always great. Sometimes it can get pretty windy up there. I think he’s going to lose his balance and fall off for sure. But I guess he just holds on tighter. And as he sways about up there in the wind, he keeps singing. He keeps rejoicing.  

It’s easy to sing when life is calm, when the sky is clear and blue. When we can look around us and see God’s goodness, it’s easy to rejoice. And it’s fitting that we do so. For Scripture tells us that “every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of the heavenly lights” (James 1:17). And He is to be praised.  

But what about when the wind starts blowing? When life is unsettled? Do we still sing? Do we still rejoice? How is that even possible?  

In stormy seasons, when it’s hard to see God’s goodness in our situation and the song gets stuck in our throat, that’s when we hold on tighter. We hold on to the One who is holding onto us and who promises to never let us go (Heb 13:5,6). For when we read the last phrase of James 1:17 we see that He “does not change like shifting shadows”. Storms and darkness and shadows will come in this life but our God, our Saviour, our closest friend is faithful, good and strong. He never changes. He cannot deny His promises. He remains worthy of our song.  

And how can we not rejoice in the One who endured the pain and scorn of the cross for me and for you? For He went to the cross willingly, taking our sin and shame, so that we can be in right relationship with God. So that we can experience union in Christ (Rom 6:8-11). Oh, what love! 

So, in all seasons of life, let’s be like that little bird who holds on tight and just keeps on singing. Even when it hurts to sing and maybe all we can manage is a whisper, lets choose to rejoice in God. For we know that He is stronger than any branch and He will surely not let us fall (Is 41:10). Amen