Ridley Courses: Bible Training for Busy People

Do you ever struggle to understand the Bible? Would you like to deepen your faith? Would you like to more confidently share Jesus with others? If that’s you, I’m excited to tell you about our upcoming Ridley Courses.

Starting in Term 2, we are kicking off Ridley Courses to help busy people better understand and apply the Bible. Ridley Courses are short 6-week courses that will run for 2 hours on a Wednesday or Thursday evening. There is no cost, and it is open to people of all ages. It is the perfect option for those who would like to dig into content which goes beyond the detail of a Sunday sermon, but doesn’t carry the time or financial commitment of enrolling in Bible College.

These courses will be based on video content from the Ridley Certificate, a training course from Ridley College in Melbourne, along with group discussion designed to deepen faith and expand Bible knowledge.

The first course will be “Jesus: A Historical Survey”. In this subject we examine the core claims of Christianity concerning Jesus of Nazareth, and evaluate what the evidence tells us about the Jesus of history: his teaching, miracles, death, and resurrection. With content presented by Dr. John Dickson, a leading Christian voice on the historical evidence for Jesus, you won’t want to miss it!

If all of this sounds like something you’d be interested in, we’d love to hear from you as we prepare to launch in Term 2. You can click here to register your interest.

If you have any questions about the Ridley Courses, please email nathanael@oasischurch.com.au