Putting the Focus on Jesus

Advent is a season of anticipation, of holy waiting. We reflect on Christ’s first coming with a thankful heart, and we look forward in hopeful anticipation to His second coming. Advent acknowledges the already-and-not-yet nature of the Kingdom of God.

But we all know that this time of year can get crazy busy with activities and obligations, especially for families with young kids. I know our calendar is certainly looking very full!

In light of this, can I encourage you to set aside a few minutes to consider what you want this season to look like for your family. Ask yourself: How can we keep Jesus the focus this Christmas season? How can we worship Jesus together as a family? Once you’ve explored these questions, make a plan so that time intended to remember and celebrate what Jesus has done for us doesn’t get swallowed up by lesser things.

Did you know that the Growth Group Guide for our current series, Upside-Down Christmas, includes weekly Family Worship devotions? These are designed for your family to use in order to create intentional time and capture teachable moments this Christmas. Each week there is a short discussion around the Scripture passage from Sunday as well as additional ideas and activities for celebrating Advent as a family. Why not make the most of this resource and plan this into your week?

If you do decide to do this together as a family, and I hope that you do, can I share the following encouragement from John Piper. He writes: “…build God-centred anticipation and expectancy and excitement into your home—especially for the children. If you are excited about Christ, they will be too. If you can only make Christmas exciting with material things, how will the children get a thirst for God? Bend the efforts of your imagination to make the wonder of the King’s arrival visible for the children.”

This is a worthy goal because Christ is a worthy Saviour; worthy of our time, our attention, and our affection this Advent season. May this Advent be a special time for you and your family as you prepare your heart for the coming of Jesus.