Looking to the Future

It’s hard to believe that we’re heading into the final stretch of 2019, and that at the end of this term, I will be celebrating 3 years spent leading our Youth ministry. Over this time, I have learnt much and grown in many ways, and the same is true for our youth ministry and leadership team.

It is a great privilege to be working with the teenagers in our community—we have a great church family, which is supportive, Christ-centered, and thriving. And we are blessed with teenagers who are genuinely seeking to grow closer to Jesus, who want their lives and choices to be shaped by him, and who are visibly putting his words into practice.

Many of the young people who were leaving middle school when I arrived are now graduating, and as our young people continue to grow and change, we want to be sure that the way we run our youth ministry keeps adapting to serve them and reach out to others as well as we are able.

At the end of each year we always take time to reflect on the year that has been, and I ask for feedback from our youth and the leaders as to what is working well and what we can do better. But this year I’d like to gather feedback on a larger scale, because we are evaluating our youth ministry on a larger scale!

Over the last few months, our youth leadership team has been thinking about how we can make sure that we are discipling our young people as well as we can, making sure that each program we run is contributing towards their spiritual growth and our outward focus.

As we build a picture of what we want BPCC Youth to look like in the future, we would greatly appreciate your support. I am asking for your help in two main ways.

Firstly, please be praying for us. Ask that the Lord would guide our thoughts and plans, that we would be able to create a welcoming community of young people focused on living for Jesus together and reaching out to others.

Second, we would love to have your input on how our youth ministry is going and what things we can focus on in the future. I’ve put together a 10-minute survey for all youth, parents, and leaders—both past and present. I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and ideas. You can complete the survery here.

If you or your teenager doesn’t come to Youth or hasn’t ever been, we would still love your input! There are separate sections on the survey for you—we would love to have all our teenagers involved in some shape or form, and your input will help us make sure that our programs are accessible to everyone. And please share this with other teenagers or parents who you know who can give us some feedback—we would love to hear from them!

Looking forward to what God will do in our Youth Ministry through term 4 and into 2020!