Let the Little Ones Come to Me

I once heard a friend say, “Whoever wrote the song Easy Like a Sunday Morning never tried to get their family of small children up and out the door to church on time!” There’s breakfast to organise, showers to have, clothes to iron, odd socks to find, nappy bags to pack… it’s a big task! And there’s nothing easy about it.

But, here at BPCC we believe it’s so worth it! Jesus himself said, “Let the little children come to me…” (Matthew 19:14), and we are passionate about seeing every person, whatever age they are, growing in their relationship with Jesus. The church is, after all, a place for all ages. And that’s why on a Sunday we offer age-specific ministries for our babies right up to our 15-year-olds, along with the main church service. I’d love to take a moment to highlight and share some exciting news regarding our creche ministry, which is our ministry for babies and toddlers (0-3 years).

Starting this Sunday, we are introducing some intentional, yet relaxed Bible teaching into our creche ministry. Each month we will focus on a simple Bible truth (e.g. God made me). Our creche volunteers will chat with the children and reinforce the message throughout the morning. There will be a beautiful poster on the wall with that month’s Bible truth. There will also be a storybook that our creche volunteers will read to the babies and toddlers at some stage across the morning. The storybook will either be a Bible story or a book that speaks directly to the Bible truth. The reading time will be very casual as not all of our creche littlies will be developmentally ready to sit and listen. But as any parent knows, children can still take things in while their bodies are busy.

Creche parents, feel free to pop into the creche room and have a look at the poster on the wall for the Bible truth and story for the month. You might like to continue reinforcing the message with your little one by talking about the Bible truth and reading the Bible story at home during the week.

Creche volunteers, please know that the time and care you give to our babies is greatly valued and appreciated. Through your interactions, you are giving our littlies a glimpse of what God is like (God is loving and kind and cares about me). You are also helping our littlies to build positive, warm feelings about church (Church is a place where I am welcomed and loved and cared for). Thank you.

And let’s all pray for the smallest members of our BPCC family. Pray that God would be preparing their hearts to know and love and serve our great God.

See you Sunday,