Just How Good Is The Good News of the Gospel? 

If you’re taking the time to read this, then you probably won’t mind taking the time to dwell on this question for a moment or two.  

Just how good is the good news of the gospel? Just how good is the good news of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection? 

You might be thinking, “What kind of a question is that?! The good news of Jesus is VERY good news!” 

And you’d be right. It is! 

It is the best news that anyone could ever hear. 

But do we treat it like it is? 

Think of the joy and excitement a person has when the team they’ve been supporting for years..even decades…finally wins a premiership or tournament!  

How do they respond to such news? 

They celebrate! 

They bring it up every opportunity they get!  

They wear their colours/jerseys proudly, even in ‘enemy’ territory.  

They don’t really care what others might think of them.  

In years to come, they bask in the glory of that memory. With a smile on their face, they recount, ”Remember when…” just as if it had happened yesterday. 

It never gets old. It is never forgotten. 

Do we view the gospel message in the same light? 

Does the good news of Jesus resound with joy and excitement inside of you? 

Do you celebrate what Christ has done for you? 

When was the last time that you shared the gospel with someone? 

Are you ‘proud’ to be a follower of Christ? 

Do you boldly…shamelessly…let others know who you follow? 

When was the last time you took a moment to remember the incredible work that Christ has done in overcoming sin and defeating death? 

When was the last time you took a moment to recount for others what Jesus has done for you in taking you from death to life, out of darkness and into the light? 

Seriously, how good is the good news of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection?! 

This weekend is the Easter weekend.  

Christians worldwide will gather to commemorate Jesus’s death and celebrate his resurrection.  

In some places, special meals will be held. Other traditions, like the Stations of the Cross, will take centre stage, and dramas will retell the story. 

And then on Monday, life will return to ‘normal’…until the Christmas season. 

Although maybe not… 

I guess that depends on how good you view this good news to be. 

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.” 

Romans 1:16 

Keep trusting Jesus,