It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas (for Some, the Rest Will Wait ‘til December One)

There are legalists and extremists when it comes to Christmas decorating. Some, the legalists, argue you should wait until the first of December before you put up the Christmas tree, hang the lights or start playing Christmas Carols. Whereas others, the extremists, are already coordinating Christmas bulbuls on their tree in October! Where do you find yourself on this spectrum? Obviously, I jest! I’m not calling those who already have their tree up extremists (although I do think you’re a little premature)!

For most of us, Christmas is an exciting time of the year. For Christians it should be especially exciting… We celebrate the arrival of the long-awaited Messiah! I also believe it’s especially exciting because it’s a unique time of the year where friends and family more readily accept our invitation to come to Church.

At Oasis we host Christmas services on Christmas Eve and Day as well as the Christmas Festival each year. I hope your diaries already have these special events penned in!? The Christmas Festival is on Sunday the 18th of December.

Do you know why we host the Christmas Festival each year? The answer is simple – we want to help more people find life in Jesus. I hope you’ll be able to be involved. Every year I love seeing the army of volunteers serving alongside one another. It really is something to behold. Witnessing ‘the body’ work together, just as we are called to (1 Corinthians 12:12-27).

Friends, mark your diaries: Sunday 18th December. During the festival there will be three Carols services which enables us to attend one service and serve either beforehand or afterwards. We encourage you to start inviting loved ones to come along. Please also be praying that this event will help more people find life in Jesus.

In Grace,