International Day of Prayer

This Sunday, the Church will unite as the one body of Christ to pray for persecuted Christians – those who share our faith, but not our freedom. The International Day of Prayer is an initiative of Open Doors, an organisation whose mission is to strengthen and prepare Christians living in persecution, and to mobilise the Australian church to identify with the global body of Christ. Open Doors is encouraging churches to pray for persecuted Christians, in particular, for secret believers, for women, and for children. We will spend time praying together as a church on Sunday, but can I encourage you to be praying at home as well. You might like to use the following as a guide for your prayers.

Together, lets pray for secret believers; for those who seek to follow God in the most dangerous and hostile places in the world. Pray that they would have the conviction and courage to remain faithful to God, no matter the cost. Pray for their protection as they risk their lives to tell others about His love. Pray for wisdom and courage for pastors leading underground churches. And let us thank God for these secret believers who face violence, discrimination and arrest for their faith.

Let’s pray for women; for women in places where their gender makes them doubly vulnerable to persecution. Pray for perseverance for women who are forced to follow Jesus in secret for fear of violence from their families. Pray peace over those women who have experienced persecution or trauma. Praise God that He is using women to share the gospel and build His church in some of the most dangerous places.

Let’s pray for children; for children who have witnessed or been affected by persecution and violence. Pray that they would know God’s love for them. Pray that they would be strengthened to become faithful, servant-hearted believers no matter the cost. Pray for wisdom and strength for parents to raise their children to follow Jesus.

May this International Day of Prayer act as a reminder for all of us, to be praying often for our fellow believers around the world who face persecution for following Christ.


“If we understood the potential power of our prayers, we would be on our knees a hundred times a day asking God for things that would turn the world upside down.” Brother Andrew, founder of Open Doors.