One of my favourite accompaniments of the Easter season is the hot-cross bun. Perhaps you didn’t know this, but there are actually a few theories about the origin of the humble hot-cross-bun. The most popular is that in the late 12th century a monk baked spiced current buns and marked them with a cross in honour of Good Friday. The monk, Brother Thomas Rocliffe, then distributed the hot-cross-buns to the local poor on Good Friday. I love this story! And even if it is not completely accurate, it’s a wonderful illustration of showing God’s love tangibly to those who don’t know Him and those who are in need.
Easter on the Lawn is an opportunity like this; to tangibly show the love of Jesus to our local community. Easter on the Lawn gives each of us an opportunity to be involved in blessing others and showing God’s love to those you might not yet know Him.
Like Adam mentioned on Sunday, there are four ways we can help with Easter on the Lawn. We don’t have to do all four of these things, but we can all do at least one of them.
1) Invite someone
We were given flyers last Sunday, why not give them to a friend or family member and invite them to our Easter services (Good Friday: 9am; Easter Sunday: 9am and 6pm) and to Easter on the Lawn.
2) Hand out flyers
If you picked up a bundle of flyers on Sunday, please take the time to deliver them around your local neighbourhood.
3) Sign-up to serve
We still need help! You can email the office [or -click here-] to sign up (face painting, BBQ, craft, set-up, pack-up, baking, bake stall).
4) Pray
Pray that people will come to know Jesus this Easter. Pray that we all will have a fresh revelation and gratefulness for what Jesus has done for us. Pray that Easter on the Lawn will not just be an ‘event’, but that it will bless all who attend, that it will be a time of wonderful fellowship and a celebration of Jesus’ resurrection.
Together, in whatever capacity we can, let’s help make Easter on the Lawn an opportunity to bless others and show God’s love to our local community, while we celebrate the joy of Easter together.