How We Can Support Our Chaplains

Last Sunday we highlighted the ministry of Scripture Union Chaplains, specifically Kirsty and Bri from Bray Park State High School. If you made it along or joined online, I hope that you were as encouraged as I was by all that God is doing through our local ‘chappies’.

We’ve actually been partnering with Scripture Union chaplaincy at Bray Park State High School for many years, along with our ongoing partnership with Genesis Christian College and their chaplaincy team.

Chaplaincy is an important ministry for us because school chaplains provide a much-needed space for young people to unpack the challenges they are going through, and to be supported emotionally, spiritually, and socially. School chaplains have a unique opportunity to show the light and love of Jesus in the lives of our high schoolers.

After the service, Kirsty from Bray Park State High and Anthony from Genesis were available to chat about their roles and how we can support them.

As we heard in the service, there are three keys ways we can support chaplaincy in our local area:

  • Support with prayer

First and foremost, we can pray for our chaplains and the work that they are doing. Ask God to strengthen them and give them the energy and resources they need to be a positive impact in the lives of students. Pray that God would work in the hearts of those students, that they may be helped here and now, and that they would see the goodness and love of God in the care and support of their chaplain.

  • Support with time

We run a ‘Chappy Brekkie’ at Bray Park High fortnightly on a Thursday morning. We do this to provide a space for the chaplains to connect with students and to provide breakfast to high schoolers who sometimes literally have no food at home. This is a powerful way to practically care for students, and we’ve been blessed to have many young people come along to Youth from Bray Park High. We need more volunteers for the Chappy Brekky team, so if you are interested in serving please email me at We’d love to have you on board.

We also have opportunities to engage with the students at Genesis through Connect Groups, Friday Pancakes, and courses such as Alpha. Most of our Youth attendees are high schoolers from Genesis, and through the close relationship we share with the school there are many ways we can connect with students and help them grow in faith. If you want to volunteer in one of these ministries at Genesis, please get in touch with me at

  • Support financially

Scripture Union chaplains, like those at Bray Park High, are almost entirely funded by donations. A government grant does cover part of the cost, but the majority of the work they do is made possible by people like us, each giving a little to make the chaplaincy service possible.

You can donate by heading to the Scripture Union website (just Google search ‘Scripture Union’), where you can choose to give to Scripture Union as a whole, or to a specific chaplaincy group (such as Bray Park High or Pine Rivers High, etc.).
Our financial support is most effective when we give a small amount on a regular basis, whether weekly or monthly. Many people giving a small amount adds up quickly, and the consistency helps SU to make wise financial commitments as they bring on more chaplains.

If you have any questions or if you are interested in volunteering in support of chaplaincy, please get in touch with me at or chat to me on Sunday!



Youth Pastor