Story Behind the Song: ‘10,000 Reasons’

What does it look like to ‘bless someone, with all that is within you?’ It’s a rhetorical question, but one that I consider when I read Psalm 103. ‘Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name!’ (Psalm 103:1). God alone is worthy of such praise. That is what the Psalmist, David, means when he said ‘Bless the Lord, O my soul’. He is telling himself to bless (praise) the Lord, with all that is within Him! It is this beautiful Psalm that we are exploring this week in the sermon, which also inspired the song ‘10,000 Reasons’ by Matt Redman that we will be singing in our services.

The story behind the song, ‘10,000 Reasons’, gives us all an important reminder of how and why we should rightly praise God. The story of the actual writing of the song was uneventful and, in a way, unusual in the fact that it was a fairly quick process. The song was written within an hour, so the writer says. The melody was shared from a friend (Jonas Myrin) and the lyrics, mostly from Psalm 103, quickly fell into place. So, the story behind the song writing process is fairly pedestrian. However, the point behind the song, as writer Matt Redman puts it, is a whole other story.

Psalm 103 gives these amazing reasons to praise God, including; He forgives our sins, heals our diseases, redeems our lives from the pit, crowns us with love and compassion, satisfies our desires and gives righteousness and justice. This song reflects the words of this Psalm, along with other reasons to praise God. The point behind the song, as writer Matt Redman says, is this; ‘If you wake up one morning and you cannot think of a reason to bring God some kind of offering of thanks or praise, then you can be sure there’s something wrong at your end of the pipeline, and not his. We live beneath an unceasing flow of goodness, kindness, greatness, and holiness, and every day we’re given reason after reason why Jesus is so completely and utterly worthy of our highest and best devotion.’

What a very honest and very true reminder of where to set our thoughts and our hopes. We are to set them on who God is and what He has done for us. But more than that, those reasons to praise Him are the reasons why we have hope! He forgives our sins! He heals our diseases! He redeems our lives from the pit, death! He loves us compassionately!

Let’s take this Psalm to heart. Put it on your mirror. Put it on the case of your phone. Memorize it. Most important of all, take it to heart. Let’s ‘bless the Lord, with all that is within us!’

Listen to the song here

Read the Psalm here