The Genesis Project

Dear Church,

There are few sections of the Bible with such significance, beauty, intrigue, devastation, and drama as the first 11 chapters of Genesis. These chapters record for us the account of creation, the fall of humanity into sin, the flood and deliverance of Noah and his family, and the tower of Babel. Not to mention the fact that they introduce us to God and give us the first hints of God’s plan to save the world through the snake-crushing Son (3:15).

In fact, world-renowned theologian J.I. Packer suggests that these chapters reveal for us the grace and mercy of God in a number of key ways:

“His goodness and generosity to humans… appears in the dominion he gave mankind at creation and renewed after the flood (1:26, 28-30; 9:1-3), and in the freedom Adam and Eve were given to eat anything growing in the garden of Eden except the fruit of one tree (2:16-17). After the fall, though God sentenced them to a hard and painful life and expelled them from Eden, he gave them for their comfort the promise that the woman’s seed would finally overthrow the snake (3:15) and made them better clothing than they had made for themselves (3:21). After Cain had been told that his farming days were over and he must become a rootless, godless nomad, he was marked so that he would not be casually killed (2:13-16). After the flood, God promised a permanently stable world for mankind’s future, even though he knew that the new generations would be no better than the people he had destroyed (8:21). Kindness peeps through in all this; the holy God tempers judgment with mercy, and does not abandon his aim to bless when humanity falls into sin.”

These chapters are incredibly important and foundational to our faith.

This is why it’s so exciting that on Saturday the 6th of October at 7pm we have the opportunity to hear the epic story of Genesis 1–11 presented with stunning visuals and ten original songs. ‘The Genesis Project’, a family friendly event, will be presented by singer, songwriter and recording artist Pastor Joe Vermeulen from Grace Church in Western Australia (and former BPCC pastor!).

‘The Genesis Project’ is a wonderful opportunity for us to learn about God and to come together as a church family to praise and thank him for his kindness. Be sure to invite your family and friends. During intermission there will be hot donuts, sausages and drinks for sale. All proceeds from the event will go towards Bray Park Community Carols.

You can pre-purchase your tickets ($15 per adult, $10 per child) from the Connections Centre after the service today or at and follow the links. You will also be able to purchase tickets at the door.

We hope to see you there!