To many people, the book of Revelation is unfamiliar, unclear and unsettling. Its vivid imagery and strange symbolism have provoked all kinds of reactions; everything from fear to frustration to fanaticism. It has also been routinely misunderstood and misapplied; often being misconstrued as a roadmap to the future or a mystery to be decoded.  

But the book of Revelation has a far more important and compelling purpose. 

Revelation has been written to reveal Jesus Christ in all his victorious glory, so that we will hold fast to him and stand firm against all opposition, until that day when God brings about his certain and ultimate victory. In other words, Revelation has been written to give us strength for today and hope for tomorrow.  

Join us for a 10-week journey through this enigmatic but encouraging book as we seek to uncover its important and enduring message.   

Helpful Books

Tim Chester
Revelation for You 

Nancy Guthrie
Blessed: Experiencing
Promise of the
Book of Revelation

Vern S Poythress
The Returning King:
A Guide to the Book
of Revelation

Dennis E. Johnson
Triumph of the Lamb:
A Commentary
on Revelation

Darrell Johnson
Discipleship on
the Edge: An
Expository Journey
Through the Book
of Revelation

Greg Beale
A Shorter

Helpful Video and Audio



Blessed: Conversations on the
Book of Revelation with Nancy Guthrie

Bible Books in 30 Minutes 
Ep.52 – Revelation

Got a Question about the Book of Revelation?

At the end of our 10-week series, ‘Revelation: Strength for Today, Hope for Tomorrow’, we will be having a question and response time for any unanswered questions you still have. Submit your questions here and if we haven’t answered it in the series we will address it at the end.

…blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near. (Revelation 1:3)